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Echinoid occurrences available on the Kerguelen Plateau. Data from 1872 to 2015 collected with different sampling strategies and objectives, during different campaigns. Visited areas during Marion Dufresne (MD03, MD04), POKER and PROTEKER campaigns are also provided as "noOccurrence" data.

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Echinoidea; Southern Ocean; environmental descriptors; Kerguelen Plateau; future projections; historical overview; Occurrence; Specimen


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graduate student
CNRS Biogeosciences UMR 6282
6 boulevard Gabriel
21000 DIJON
Alexis Martin
  • Originator
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
  • Principal Investigator
MNHN Département Milieux et Peuplements Aquatiques, UMR BOREA 7208
57 rue Cuvier
75231 Paris Cedex 05
Salomé Fabri-Ruiz
  • Editor
UMR 6282 Biogéosciences, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS
6 boulevard Gabriel
21000 DIJON
Marc Eléaume
  • Originator
associate professor
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Département Systématique et Évolution, UMR ISYEB 7205
57 rue Cuvier
75231 Paris Cedex 05
Thomas Saucède
  • Principal Investigator
associate professor
UMR 6282 Biogéosciences, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS
6 boulevard Gabriel
21000 DIJON

Geographic Coverage

General spatial coverage: the Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Ocean Coordinates: -46°S and -56°S; 63°W and 80°W

Bounding Coordinates South West [-56, 63], North East [-46, 81]

Taxonomic Coverage

The present dataset focuses on all species of the class Echinoidea (Echinodermata) that are distributed on the Kerguelen Plateau. Echinoids are common species of benthic communities in the Southern Ocean and on the Kerguelen Plateau (David et al. 2005). They are diversified and well-studied. Historical data are available since 1872, starting with the Challenger Expedition, and are completed with recent occurrences collected nearshore areas of the Kerguelen Islands during the PROTEKER campaigns (2013-2015). Echinoid studies take part in conservation issues. Ctenocidaris nutrix is considered a Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) indicator species by CCAMLR (Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) and is widely distributed on the Kerguelen Plateau. On the Kerguelen Plateau, the Class Echinoidea includes five families, 10 genera, and 12 species. Species distribution is shown in Figure 2.

Phylum Echinodermata
Class Echinoidea
Order Camarodonta, Cidaroida, Holasteroida, Spatangoida
Family Ctenocidarinae, Echinidae, Plexechinidae, Pourtalesiidae, Schizasteridae
Genus Abatus, Aporocidaris, Brisaster, Ctenocidaris, Dermechinus, Plexechinus, Pourtalesia, Rhynchocidaris, Sterechinus, Tripylus
Species Abatus cordatus, Aporocidaris milleri, Brisaster antarcticus, Ctenocidaris nutrix, Dermechinus horridus, Plexechinus sulcatus, Pourtalesia hispida, Pourtalesia debilis, Rhynchocidaris triplopora, Sterechinus diadema, Sterechinus neumayeri, Tripylus abatoides

Temporal Coverage

Living Time Period 1872 – 2015

Project Data

No Description available

Title Echinoids of the Kerguelen Plateau Occurrence data and environmental setting for past, present, and future species distribution modelling
Funding This study is part of a project funded by CNRS laboratory UMR6282 Biogeosciences and by the vERSO program (Ecosystem Responses to global change: a multiscale approach in the Southern Ocean). This is contribution no.14 to the vERSO project (, funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO, contract n°BR/132/A1/vERSO). This is a contribution to the POKER program and the IPEV (Institut polaire français Paul-Emile Victor) program 1044 PROTEKER.

The personnel involved in the project:

  • Author

Bibliographic Citations

  1. Guillaumot C, Martin A, Fabri-Ruiz S, Eléaume M, Saucède T (2016) Echinoids of the Kerguelen Plateau – occurrence data and environmental setting for past, present, and future species distribution modelling. ZooKeys 630: 1-17. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.630.9856

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