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19 March 2019
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This database focuses on all echinoid species present in the Southern Ocean south of 35°S. In total 201 species were counted belonging to 31 families. Coordinates: 79°0’0”S and 35°0’0”S Latitude; 180°0'0"W and 180°0'0"E Longitude

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Occurrence; Observation


Salomé Fabri-Ruiz
  • Metadata Provider
  • Originator
  • Point Of Contact
PhD Student
Laboratoire Biogéosciences UMR CNRS 6282
6 Boulevard Gabriel
21000 Dijon
+33 6 50 0924 66
Thomas Saucède
  • Principal Investigator
Associate professor
Laboratoire Biogéosciences UMR CNRS 6282
6 Boulevard Gabriel
21000 Dijon
Bruno Danis
  • Author
Associate professor
Marine Biology Lab
50, avenue FD Roosevel
B-1050 Brussels
Bruno David
  • Author
President of the National Museum History (Paris)
President of the National Museum History (Paris)
57 rue Cuvier
75005 Paris

Geographic Coverage

Coordinates: 79°0’0”S and 35°0’0”S Latitude; 180°0'0"W and 180°0'0"E Longitude

Bounding Coordinates South West [-79, -180], North East [-35, 180]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Species Abatus agassizii, Abatus beatriceae, Abatus bidens, Abatus cavernosus, Abatus cordatus, Abatus curvidens, Abatus elongatus, Abatus ingens, Abatus nimrodi, Abatus philippii, Abatus shackletoni, Abatus sp, Aceste bellidifera, Aceste ovata, Amblypneustes formosus, Amblypneustes grandis, Amblypneustes ovum, Amblypneustes elevatus, Amblypneustes pallidus, Amblypneustes pulchellus, Ammotrophus cyclius, Amphipneustes bifidus, Amphipneustes brevisternalis, Amphipneustes davidi, Amphipneustes koehleri, Amphipneustes lorioli, Amphipneustes marsupialis, Amphipneustes mironovi, Amphipneustes rostratus, Amphipneustes similis, Amphipneustes sp, Anametalia regularis, Antrechinus drygalskii, Antrechinus mortenseni, Antrechinus nordenskjoldi, Apatopygus recens, Aporocidaris antarctica, Aporocidaris eltaniana, Aporocidaris incerta, Aporocidaris milleri, Araeosoma coriaceum, Araeosoma owstoni, Araeosoma sp, Araeosoma thetidis, Arbacia dufresnii, Arbacia spatuligera, Aspidodiadema tonsum, Austrocidaris canaliculata, Austrocidaris pawsoni, Austrocidaris spinulosa, Brachysternaster chesheri, Brisaster antarcticus, Brisaster moseleyi, Brisaster sp, Brisaster tasmanicus, Brissopsis lyrifera, Brissopsis oldhami, Brissopsis sp, Brissus agassizii, Caenocentrotus gibbosus, Caenopedina alanbakeri, Caenopedina mirabilis, Caenopedina novaezealandiae, Caenopedina otagoensis, Caenopedina porphyrogigas, Caenopedina pulchella, Caenopedina sp, Calveriosoma gracile, Centrostephanus rodgersii, Ceratophysa ceratopyga, Clypeaster australasiae, Clypeaster virescens, Coelopleurus floridanus, Ctenocidaris aotearoa, Ctenocidaris geliberti, Ctenocidaris gigantea, Ctenocidaris nutrix, Ctenocidaris perrieri, Ctenocidaris polyplax, Ctenocidaris rugosa, Ctenocidaris sp, Ctenocidaris speciosa, Ctenocidaris spinosa, Cyclaster regalis, Cystechinus wyvillii, Cystocrepis setigera, Delopatagus brucei, Dermechinus horridus, Diadema palmeri, Echinocardium cordatum, Echinocrepis cuneata, Echinocyamus platytatus, Echinolampas crassa, Echinosigra amphora, Echinus anchistus, Echinus gilchristi, Encope emarginata, Eupatagus valenciennesii, Evechinus chloroticus, Fellaster zelandiae, Fibularia nutriens, Fibularia plateia, Genicopatagus affinis, Goniocidaris clypeata, Goniocidaris corona, Goniocidaris florigera, Goniocidaris (Goniocidaris) tubaria, Goniocidaris parasol, Goniocidaris sibogae, Goniocidaris tubaria, Goniocidaris umbraculum, Gracilechinus multidentatus, Gymnopatagus magnus, Helgocystis carinata, Heliocidaris erythrogramma, Heliocidaris tuberculata, Holanthus expergitus, Heterobrissus erinaceus, Heterobrissus gigas, Histocidaris australiae, Histocidaris elegans, Histocidaris sp, Holopneustes inflatus, Holopneustes porosissimus, Holopneustes purpurascens, Hygrosoma luculentum, Hygrosoma sp, Kamptosoma asterias, Kamptosoma sp, Linopneustes brachypetalus, Loxechinus albus, Leodia sexiesperforata, Microcyphus annulatus, Microcyphus compsus, Microcyphus zigzag, Miracidaris sp, Moira lethe, Notocidaris gaussensis, Notocidaris hastata, Notocidaris lanceolata, Notocidaris mortenseni, Notocidaris platyacantha, Notocidaris remigera, Notocidaris sp, Ogmocidaris benhami, Trigonocidaris monolini, Heliocidaris australiae, Heliocidaris bajulus, Paleotrema sp, Paramaretia multituberculata, Paramaretia peloria, Paramaretia tuberculata, Peronella hinemoae, Peronella peronii, Phormosoma bursarium, Phormosoma rigidum, Phormosoma sp, Phyllacanthus irregularis, Phyllacanthus parvispinus, Pilematechinus vesica, Plexechinus planus, Plexechinus sp, Polyechinus agulhensis, Poriocidaris sp, Pourtalesia aurorae, Pourtalesia debilis, Pourtalesia hispida, Pourtalesia laguncula, Pourtalesia sp, Pourtalesia tanneri, Prionocidaris callista, Prionocidaris sp, Protenaster australis, Pseudechinus albocinctus, Pseudechinus flemingi, Pseudechinus huttoni, Pseudechinus magellanicus, Pseudechinus marionis, Pseudechinus notius, Pseudechinus novaeamsterdamiae, Pseudechinus novaezealandiae, Pseudechinus sanctipauli, Pseudechinus sp, Pseudoboletia indiana, Rhopalocidaris gracilis, Rhopalocidaris sp, Rhynchocidaris triplopora, Bathysalenia goesiana, Salenocidaris hastigera, Salmaciella oligopora, Solenocystis imitans, Spatagocystis challengeri, Spatangus capensis, Spatangus luetkeni, Spatangus mathesoni, Spatangus multispinus, Spatangus thor, Sperosoma sp, Sterechinus dentifer, Sterechinus diadema, Sterechinus neumayeri, Sterechinus sp, Stereocidaris microtuberculata, Stereocidaris sceptriferoides, Stereocidaris sp, Stylocidaris brevicollis, Stylocidaris conferta, Stylocidaris reini, Temnopleurus alexandri, Temnopleurus michaelseni, Temnopleurus reevesii, Tetrapygus niger, Toxopneustes pileolus, Tripneustes gratilla, Tripneustes gratilla, Tripylaster philippii, Tripylus abatoides, Tripylus cordatus, Tripylus excavatus, Tripylus reductus, Tromikosoma sp, Urechinus antipodeanus, Urechinus naresianus, Urechinus sp

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1872-01-01 / 2015-01-01

Project Data

No Description available

Title Improving species distribution models at large spatial scale to better future predictions
Funding This project is funded by the PhD school E2S Dijon research allowance, vERSO program (Ecosystem Responses to global change: a multiscale approach in the Southern Ocean).

The personnel involved in the project:

Additional Metadata

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